BlackPacific Capital  - Tactical Investment Management
Investment Strategy
Long Term
Focusing on opportunistic and special situation investments across asset classes, industries and geographies, BlackPacific Capital uses Quantitative and Qualitative analysis along with Technical Analysis to determine if a long term position should be taken.
Short Term
Technical analysis is used across all time horizons, along with many other studies and techniques: moving averages, trend analysis, technical support and resistance levels, momentum, relative strength, Fibonacci analysis, inter-market analysis and mean reversion are pivotal in this area of trade. Other short term investment vehicles such as Futures and Options are used to protect positions and to capitalize on short term positions.
All option strategies including those on futures contracts and equities are utilized: calls and puts, vertical spreads, diagonals, calendar spreads, and iron condors along with proprietary option tactics are employed.  Risk defined strategies are utilized to minimize principal depreciation.
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