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In 2013, the emergence of cryptocurrency came into the public eye and mine. However, at first glance it looked as if it was an asset that was not backed by anything that could display why there was value behind each Bitcoin. Four years later and with a price increase of 33,000% since 2009, I am again taking a much harder and deeper look into this cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. 

Below are video and article discussing the benefits of Bitcoin and the Mining Company I have chosen to invest in which is MGT (McAfee Global Technologies). 


Bitcoin is a revolutionary new technology that has disrupted the centuries old financial system like what Amazon did to retail shopping or the internet did to how we interact however the blockchain is doing this on a much more immense scale. 

Now there’s bitcoin and blockchain. Bitcoin It is a digital currency that allows anyone to transfer any amount of money anywhere around the world within minutes and with little to no transaction fees. It’s done thru a revolutionary new technology called blockchain. 

Blockchain is a decentralized open source peer to peer network that publically keeps track of records of previous transactions that are verified on a public and transparent distributed ledger. This ledger is immutably (meaning it can’t be changed), and unforgeable and is secured through cryptography that timestamps batches of transactions that must be agreed upon by most of the participants on the network in order to make it onto the ledger. A bitcoin transaction is validated by bitcoin miners. These miners solve a complex equation that uses massive amounts of computing power, also called “proof of work”. Once solved and added to the ledger or chain a new bitcoin is added to the ecosystem and rewarded to the miner, this is the incentive for the miners to validate the transaction as quickly as possible. This is how new bitcoins are introduced into the ecosystem. Now, unlike central banks that have unlimited power to print money, the bitcoin network fixed this issue by capping the total amount of coins ever to be issued to only 21 million coins.

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